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Development, Construction and Energy  Banyan

The change in the country’s economic, social and political relations and the requirement for the approach of “in sync with the dynamic and self-reliant technical-executive system” requires the necessity of change and transformation in the technical-executive system, and in this direction, the liberation of the construction industry from attracting small and large capitals and pushing Contracting capacities and engineering services are among the most important strategic factors for the entrepreneurship and development system.

Therefore, the founders of Banian Construction and Energy Development Company (TAB), who are all managers of well-known companies with a history in the construction and energy industry, are of the opinion that

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Company policy and values 

Banian Construction and Energy Development Company (TAB) as a group of developers with a strategy of transformation from contracting and engineering services to development, in order to diversify projects and financial independence from construction and government budgets, by analyzing and managing financial and investment risk and through creating With the value chain strategy, it provides the benefits and satisfaction of the stakeholders in line with the sustainable development and national interests of the country, and by relying on the seed, experience and creativity of shareholders and employees, evaluated and selected projects at the rural, urban, provincial, and national levels. and cross-border.

Selected projects


فرودگاه بین المللی امام خمینی (ره)

این پروژه از پل‌های دسترسی ترمینال، پارکینگ‌ها و ساختمان‌های الحاقی فرودگاه در محور ترمینال تشکیل شده است


توسعه میدان گازی پارس جنوبی (فازهای 19، 20، 21)

ساختمان‌های میدان گازی پارس جنوبی یکی از پروژهای اصلی این شرکت می‌باشد.


برج بین المللی تهران بال C

با 54 طبقه، بلندترین ساختمان مسکونی برج بین المللی تهران، بنای یادبود سبک زندگی مدرن پایتخت است.

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